Newly upgraded high speed industrial DTF printing system


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The commercial direct-to-film transfer printer finally came out! It is gradually entering our lives



EPSON i3200-A1

Unique technology, compact size, high quality picture output, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance

THK silent guide rail

THK’s ultra quiet guide rail is famous for its high temperature resistance, high precision, low noise and long service life.

Leadshine motor

Leadshine integrated servo motor,featuring low heating, stable operation and high output torque.

Bright colors

The print quality is exquisite and the color is beautiful, effectively attracting the audience’s attention

High speed printing

Equipped with the original imported EPSON i3200-A1 nozzle, with white color simultaneous high-speed printing

Simultaneous white and color

The color nozzle prints CMYK color, while the white nozzle prints white

Stable performance

Mold opening and industrial processing are integrated, making high-speed operation more stable for a long time

Support for grey- scale

VSDT freely controls the size of the ink droplets sprayed to reduce the graininess and smooth color transition

High resolution

High resolution (600dpi/color), single nozzle can achieve up to 4 color outputs


The LF-720A is equipped with many unique functions

High precision base plate

Structural design of newly upgraded sprinkler base plate device:From the structural design and processing accuracy of the nozzle base plate
Solve the pain points of the industry and the difficulty in adjusting the nozzle installation,
High adjustment difficulty

White ink cycle

The independent power supply and control circuit board are added. When the machine is shut down, the white ink can realize the automatic circulation function to prevent the white ink from settling the plug, thus improving the service life of the nozzle and reducing the maintenance cost.

Waste ink alarm

Add the function of waste ink alarm: ensure that the waste ink bottle is full and the alarm prompt is processed in time

Grating baffle protection

Increase grating baffle: ensure the integrity of grating during the use of the machine, and extend the service life of the machine.


We have upgraded the LF-720S in all aspects. Please see the product function introduction.

Appearance upgrade

On the premise of not affecting the performance, the newly designed appearance structure reduces the floor space during use, and the packaging size is smaller, greatly reducing the transportation cost.

Powder spreading and powder control upgrading

The new design has solved the problems of slow feeding of coarse powder, fast feeding of fine powder, and hole plugging after the powder is wet. The new powder control structure can effectively prevent the loss of powder on both sides.

Operation interface upgrade

The new color screen design simplifies cumbersome operations, supports operation interface control, and supports remote software upgrade.

Drying tunnel upgrade

The new upgraded design adds two-stage drying, which can make the material more fully heated and make the release film present the most perfect pattern state without deformation.

More product details

Ray AC servo motor

We have adopted the high-power AC servo motor of rexay, equipped with high-resolution 18 bit or 23 bit optical encoder as the position feedback unit. The motor has the characteristics of high stability, high precision, high dynamic response and high protection level; Ensure continuous and stable operation of sprinkler trolley

Ink deficiency alarm

The whole system is equipped with an ink shortage alarm as standard to prevent nozzle damage and waste of consumables caused by continuous printing due to ink shortage

Net belt drying tunnel

The mesh belt type can increase the friction, make the adsorption capacity stronger, and the printing film will not deviate

Anti collision sensor

Anti collision sensors are installed on both sides of the nozzle trolley to ensure that the nozzle will not be damaged due to the arching of the printing film, and it will also prevent people from bumping.The safety of the machine is greatly improved.

Automatic cleaning unit

The newly designed automatic cleaning nozzle system makes the cleaning cleaner without color loss or color mixing.

Intelligent automatic material receiving system

Intelligent automatic material receiving and printing linkage ensure that the printing accuracy will not deviate due to the pulling of the motor, and the material receiving will be more orderly without deviation

Parameters and Specifications

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